Account management options

Hi, i have the above crypto that i need to appear in my account :point_down:

What do i need to do? Thanks

Choose the same chain then add token contracts.


what wallet are you using?

Sorry, here it is :point_down:

Are you sure you have 9 Busd in this wallet address? what is your address?

What does the first picture posted, tells you?

That one (the first) is from token pocket

Importing a mnemonic with the token address into the corresponding wallet will display your token, and of course, you should also select the same chain.

try to click the dot on top left of the asset page, and switch the node.

Changed to faster node, restarted, still nothing shows up…

Can you explain better please

Can you provide the wallet address?


please update to the latest version.

Can anybody advise me to something that really works? Please! Thank you.

Nothing new with latest version…


Change your node from red to green.

There is no green one, all of them are yellow, from 800 to 1500ms