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Yellow 800 is ok

Even with yellow 800 still does not show up the 9.5 BUSD…


do your tokenpocket is Binnance wallet?the 9.5U is in your binance wallet,not in binance smart wallet

If so, then what do I do now?

Change to Binnance wallet and add usdt token

What you really mean in other words, is that the account i showed you is a BEP 20 one, and the crypto is in BSC chain. Right?


no, your busd is actually in the bnb chain, not in the binance smart wallet

Still, it does not show up…

what is your phone version?

BEP20 =BSC ,I told you use BEP2 ,Do you understand ?

Got it now, forgot that BEP 2 existence…

So what to do? Is there a way to convert and display it in TP?

Import your mnemonic words, add usdt and it will be displayed.

vivo Y71A
Android 8.1.0

what is your wallet version?

The latest



you go tg group : Telegram: Contact @tokenPocket_en

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