Can someone help. New user needing help

I bought some bitrise and added it with my tocken pocket wallet address under the BNB Binance Smart Chain. The Bitrise tockens show only if I search transactions. It did not add to my assets. Is this because Bitrise is not an actual BNB Tocken? I am looking for an answer to see if this is normal or am I missing a step to have my bitrate tockens add to my assets?

show your wallet address, please

Once I am clear if I did this correctly I will be buying more. I made just a small investment just this time to learn how to properly purchase and secure my tokens. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

My public receiving wallet address is 0xd86D45648417375C43B0f816f1425b65f6091f39
I think I did it right but it doesn’t add to my assets. I do find it in my BNB wallet though. I sent you a screenshot to have a clearer idea what I’m talking about. See how my BNB balance is 0 but my bitrise shows below. Is this normal and do I have any more steps to secure my tokens or did I do everything correctly already? Appreciate the help. God bless you

first, you need to add bitrise contract address in your wallet , which is to click on the + in your bnb wallet, and enter 0x8fff93e810a2edaafc326edee51071da9d398e83 in the search bar, then bitrise can be seen in your wallet. second, bnb and bitrise are different coins, and you do have bitrise, but you don’t have bnb. once you transfer bnb to your wallet from other sources such as binance exchange, you can see bnb in your wallet.

Thank you. I got the bitrise added to my BNB wallet. I assume it must be the proper Blockchain for bitrise or I probably wouldn’t have been able to add it

For now I’ll just buy bitrise. But is my bitrise in the proper Blockchain. I googled what block chain bitrise uses and it told me binance smart block chain. Is my bitrise in the proper Blockchain wallet?

yes, you are right, and bitrise is in binance smart block chain.