Custom Token

I was successful in opening a new wallet. I added 2 new tokens and uploaded their addresses (addresses are good & reliable). They shown up in Assets,

I want to be sure my Recovery Phrase work (in case I switch phones or need to re-install the app), so I deleted my app & re-installed and I put in my RP and private key (bunch of times, with the same results)

they disappeared in the new app? not sure will my tokens come back after I uploaded their addresses & put back the Qchip & BXT wallet
Screen Shot 2023-12-16 at 7.31.35 AM
I also got my present tokens’ addresses, inputting into a blockchain explorer and no information found.

you can click on “+” on the right top to add your tokens.

As you can see from the 1st screenshot. I already successfully added the tokens, by using +
Thanks for the reply…

could you please provide your address?


Both BXT & QChip got the same address.
I pasted them in Blockchain explorer and the results was blank.
The currency name: BXT & QChip (2 tokens)
Chain: BSC
At present both tokens are in Zorix Exchange. The value was so low that there are very likely the exchange will delete them from their platform.

Thank you

0x05c7ca0A80283067615630DF9593D2f5e24738cA is a new address, the only reason for this is you probably mistook your mnemonic phrase or private key. please check them carefully.

I don’t need mnemonic phrase or private key to go in Zorix, got the address from deposit section

In Zorix, I didn’t need to bother with MP or PK.

If I was going to transfer any more QCHIP to Zorix, I simply copy and paste:
In to the withdrawal from the other account. Within minutes - hours the transaction will be done.

Note BXT got the same numbers.
Their email reply:
“On the blockchain, the addresses of different currencies in the same chain will be the same.
Because BXT & QCHIP are both BSC chains, it is correct that the addresses are the same”

Thank you,

zorix is an centralized exchange which is different from decentralized you can find your wallet address from the deposit record and check the address you import is the one you have QCHIP in it.

I haven’t move any QChip and BXT yet.

These addresses are to add to custom token by using +. I know other members used the same addresses and were successful in moving the tokens. My concern is. After I move them in TP Wallet. If I get another phone or redownload the TP Wallet App. I tried and QChip & BXT aren’t in my assets? Do I enter the addresses manually and will my tokens come back?

Thank you

As long as you keep your Recovery Phrase safe and not to let anyone knows, your assets are safe. please remember, what’s important is not phone or address, but Recovery Phrase.

Thank you