BTC not showing in Wallet index card

Hello all, after some help if poss…I have the token pocket wallet app on my phone and use it regularly sending BTC to it. Recently I sent some BTC only it didn’t register my asset total but when I go to my sub address it’s there against the correct receiving address. I deleted the wallet and re-created only to find it shows 0 BTC but still confirmed in my sub address. Subsequently I can’t transfer any BTC as it thinks the wallet is empty. Any ideas? Thanks.

recreated? you should restore wallet with your private key

Re-imported using the 12 word phrase then all the BTC I had went over to the Subaddress. So now all my BTC is in the subaddress. I’ll admit I’ve only recovered the wallet using just the 12 word phrase and not my private key. I’ll try it.


No, that didn’t work. I had to recover again using my 12 word mnemonic phrase but the same issue still persists. Shows in subaddress but not able to access.

could you give a screenshot? such as transfer failure

Transfers were successfully executed but the total on the wallet index card shows no BTC and only shows my total BTC in subaddress. Correct network used, correct receiving address used just all in subaddress and not able to access.

Screenshots below