Transaction Error

the purchased USDT didn’t appear in the wallet where it should have, so I can’t use it for transactions.

Can someone help me?


What’s your wallet version? Update your wallet to the latest version and try it?

Give me your problematic wallet address and which public chain。

{“system”:{“os”:“ios”,“version”:“17.1.1”},“app”:{“version”:“2.1.6”,“locale”:“hu-HU”,“explorer_ua”:“Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 17_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15E148 TokenPocket_iOS TokenPocket/iOS appVersion/2.1.6 package/”},“network”:{“type”:“”,“ip”:“”},“connection”:[{“link”:“”,“time”:“496ms”},{“link”:“”,“time”:“506ms”},{“link”:“”,“time”:“2ms”}],“wallet_info”:{“blockchain_id”:“12”,“node_status”:{“node_link”:“”,“node_speed”:“63ms”,“node_height”:{}}}}

Why is your first picture an Android phone and your second picture an Apple phone? Which mobile phone is wrong with you?

Wallet Address:


Eth chain?you don’t have eth for gas

I see. You chose the wrong public chain when you bought it. You bought more than 1,000 U into the eth public chain. You can see your more than 1,000 U by importing your bsc mnemonic into the Eth chain, or you can click on the details on your bsc public chain asset page, and then synchronize your wallet to the Eth chain.

the wallet was created on my wife’s android phone, but I also accessed her wallet from my phone, from the iPhone, to fix the error

I can find a description of this, how can I do it?

Synchronize your bsc wallet to the Eth wallet. Like this

the synchronization is complete, but I don’t see the amount


I don’t understand what you’re doing. Your 1000u+ is in your eth wallet. I asked you to synchronize the bsc wallet to your eth wallet, and then you want to tell me that you didn’t see 1000u+in the bsc wallet?

then should I create an eth wallet separately or how can I switch to transfer the USD to the bsc wallet?

I have asked you to synchronize your wallet to the eth wallet. You can see your money directly by going to the synchronized eth wallet. Why do you want to create a new wallet?

You can use swap,swap eth usdt to BSC usdt ,But you need buy some eth to your eth wallet for gas

how can i access eth wallet