Transaction history

May i know how to see the transaction history in my token poket. Exapmple in my bnb usd i cant see the transaction.

you can see all the trx history on the blockchain explorer.

Thats mean i have to copy my usdt adress and paste at that web right? Ok noted i will try. Thanks for your help.

yes, copy and paste your wallet address, and you can see all the records on the chain

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This problem may also be that small amount hiding is turned on in the transaction record. If your transaction is small, it will be hidden.

Its looks like network issues but all my apps can access as per normal. Try to refresh and select different nodes but still the same. Prompt message my network not available. May someone guide me how to resolve it

Check whether your mobile phone prohibits the internet access of TP wallet?

If the TP wallet is not prohibited from networking, click the dot in the upper left corner of your mobile phone asset page, replace the node of your wallet, and choose a node with small delay. If it doesn’t work, try to connect to other wifi or carrier networks.