Need further clarifications

I try to look at all the comments from other users and I’m concerned.
Both the app store and your website ( have the official TP Wallet. So when I download to my 2nd phone. Erase 2nd phone wifi and all old password, turn off wifi, use airplane mode.
Register and make it a “cold wallet” and use my 1st phone (with the wifi) & make it a “watch wallet”. Use the token address in my 1st phone to move all my tokens from the other platform. When I use the token - I withdraw and sign out with 2nd phone (scan back and forth with the QR code and animated QR code).
The pass phrase will always be kept in the 2nd phone and I keep the pass phrase secret. I should be 100% safe from hackers, right?

not 100% safe. another common scam is approval trap.please be careful.