TP cold wallet

I’ve heard I can disconnect my phone’s wifi and use the APP like a cold wallet. On the internet said to use 2 phones one on-line and one off-line. Use the off-line to sign the on-line to transfer any tokens. Does anyone have more information on how to do that with TP wallet APP?


Tutorial: How to use the cold wallet and watch wallet?

:point_right: How to use Watch Wallet and Cold Wallet? - TokenPocket(English)

Please download TokenPocket mobile wallet from the only TokenPocket official website.
Please download the TokenPocket extension wallet from the official website.
:point_right: TokenPocket extension wallet

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I looked at the links and I’m getting more & more confused?
I use an old phone to download the APP then disconnect the wifi (that makes it cold wallet) then I open a brand new account & enter the pass phrase (off-line). How do I generate QR code from the old phone so that I can use 2nd phone to scan (with the internet) and use it as a watch wallet.

watch this :point_right:

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It took some time, but I finally got it working. Old phone without wifi. Shown Cold Wallet.
2nd phone shown Watch Wallet. I want to wired in two tokens (BXT - binance token) (QCHIP). How should I precede? Should I add ‘+’ in the 2nd phone and add the two tokens & use the receive button to receive from my other wallet?
To my understanding my old phone is the “signing to release” the tokens and my 2nd phone is the “actual wallet”, but unable to move anything with the old phone.

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Yes, you understood it correctly.

So when I move the tokens, they will be locked to my pass phase (old phone).
If my old phone broke, I get another phone & do exactly to install the pass phrase?
or if I need to re-download the APP. Use the same procedure.
If for some unforeseen event, can I install the pass phrase to my on-line 2nd phone? To retrieve my tokens. (by passing my cold wallet).

Sure, you can

Thank you for your help