🤖Customize Your Own TokenPocket — 🔥TokenPocket’s First Wallet Skin NFT Design Competition 😻Win Minting Revenue and 100,000+ $TPT

Event Starting at 2022, March 9, 11:00 AM SGT

Event Duration: 28 Days

The winners of the competition can earn revenue from NFT minting and be rewarded by the TokenPocket Foundation with $TPT, HardWare Wallet, etc.

Do you know that? In TokenPocket, you can set the NFT you hold as a wallet skin! Just like this:

Very cool and interesting (currently only supports setting NFT as TokenPocket skin on Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Fantom, Heco, and HSC networks. Click here to see how to set NFT as your wallet skin). Now TokenPocket is inviting all creative buddies to design TokenPocket wallet skins, and TokenPocket will issue NFT for the wallet skins designed by the participants and generate Mint pages. In addition, participants can get Mint’s revenue! Hurry up and use your creativity to join:)

Competition Rewards:

:trophy:1st Prize for 1 participant: Mint Revenue , 1 KeyPal Hardware Wallet, 1 TokenPocket Peripheral, 20,000 $TPT

:2nd_place_medal:2nd Prize for 3 participants: Mint Revenue , 1 KeyPal Hardware Wallet, 10,000 $TPT

:3rd_place_medal:3rd Prize for 10 participants: Mint Revenue ,

:medal_sports:Participation Prize for All participants: 1 Exclusive Event NFT each + share 20,000 $TPT

Competition Calendar:

The competition is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Designs Collecting Phase (2022, March 9, 12:00 a.m.–2022, March 23, 12:00 a.m.) SGT. Participants can design wallet skin pictures according to the specification , with unlimited theme and free imagination, then fill in this form to complete the NFT skin-related information. All participants have to tweet their designs with the hashtag #MyOwnTokenPocket and tag @TokenPocket_TP.
  2. Voting Phase (2022, March 23, 15:00–2022, March 28, 15:00)SGT. TokenPocket will sort out the designs of the participants with the preliminary screening, and publish the award-winning voting on Twitter where users can vote for their favorite works. We will draw 25 users who participated in the voting to award $1000 $CFX. The Voting URL: https://forms.gle/ciQP32SdpPSBsGtL7
  3. Wallet Skin NFT Mint Phase (2022, March 29, 15:00–2022, April 5, 15:00)SGT. According to the voting ranking and official review, 14 users were screened and shortlisted for the final round. The shortlisted designs will be put on the Wallet Skin NFT Mint page here . By the deadline of Mint, the number of Mints of each design on the statistics page will determine the final ranking.

Mint Price: 1st

Mint Deadline: April 5, 15:00 SGT


  1. The designs must be original, if any report is verified, it will be directly disqualified from the competition. (It is users’ responsibility to abide by local laws in relation to the participation in this event)
  2. Once the participants publish their works, it is deemed to authorize the TokenPocket to use.
  3. 60% of Mint’s final revenue will be rewarded to the participants of the corresponding designs on the Mint page, and 40% will be injected into the TPT Dao treasury.
  4. Designs must comply with the community content specifications. If there are users who violate the specifications, TokenPocket has the right to reject their works and disqualify them from participating in the competition, and if any damage is made to TokenPocket, TokenPocket shall compensate for all losses.
  5. Users’ participation in this activity is deemed to be acknowledgment and acceptance of the relevant requirements and specifications of this announcement.
  6. The TokenPocket Foundation reserves the right of the final interpretation for this event.

Competition Title Sponsor


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:grin:This thread is also created for the gallery of wallet skin NFT design competition participants, I will update in a variable interval. :point_down:

Name: King
From: https://twitter.com/King0314King

It aims to inherit the classic elements of the 3600 Shang Dynasty culture, integrate the bronze pattern style, express the “King” style of the “tiger” year, and present a lovely visual feeling with cute modeling expression, implying auspiciousness and beauty.

Name: Beauty Rainbow
From: https://twitter.com/kodokcrypto
Tp  - Badang bagong
Beauty rainbow with special Token Poket skin will make your days happines

Name: TokenPocketSmart
From: https://twitter.com/nguyenvuituoi
Untitled-1 - van vu
Smart investment, optimal profit, great experience with Token Pocket

Name: 我爱罗
From: https://twitter.com/zrb19951025



We’ve decided to extend the “Designs Collecting Phase” period to 23rd, March. That is to say, we are giving 7 extra days for creators to design their #TokenPocket wallet skin NFT.

Name: Mickey
From: https://twitter.com/Sammvioo


Name: Crypto Life Is A Fucking Movie
From: https://twitter.com/Token97Hub

Crypto life is a fucking movie. A day in crypto, a year on life.

Name: Doll
From: https://twitter.com/TPMAN_1998

Name: TP Moon Walk
From: https://twitter.com/JOJOgamefi

希望每一位用TP的小伙伴都可以去往月球LFG|I hope everyone who uses TP can go to the moon LFG

Name: Batik from Village Chief in Nggrowo
From: https://twitter.com/dparianto1991


Mac zip format cannot be uploaded.


Then you can share via Twitter and tag @TokenPocket_TP

From: https://twitter.com/airdrop_royal

Name: Wu Zetian rou Jia mo - Xi 'an Culture
From: https://twitter.com/acedaluo

Name: BitSpace

Name: Clock


Name: Copy Ninja KAKASHI


Name: Dogebox