TokenPocket Safety Awareness Test Ended Up! Check If You Were the Lucky Winner!

In the past ten days, 1000+ users participated in the test, and 50% of them got full marks, and among them, we selected 20 lucky users of their twitter handle to share 4000 $TPT, check if you were on the winner list :point_down::


Please DM to confirm your identity and address to claim the reward.

Well, still we got a lot of users who didn’t get full marks, which means that your wallet and asset probably disclose to scammers and have potential safety hazard. Please do check the following answer and explanation to eliminate your potential safety issues.

Coming soon!

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Congratulations to the winners :+1:t2:


Congrats to all!!


Twitter has sent a private message and has not received a reply.

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will check it one by one no worries


奖励 预计什么时间发放?

When will this reward be distributed?

The rewards for the event are not distributed, will they?