About unlocking eth 2.0 staking vault

Hi TokenPocket admins . Would like to ask few questions here . I have staked my eth at eth2.0 staking vault since September 2021 . And I found out that to unstake require high gas fees .

Here’s my question. May I know how long does it take in order to unstake it without charging high gas fees ? Stake for full 1 year ?

Thank you in advance

Please wait patiently for the official announcement, and you can contact us at any time here or on telegram.Thank you very much again and sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry sir / madam .

Seems like I still don’t get the answer I wish to know .
I just want to know need to wait how long to unstake without charging high gas fees .
At least let me know the duration . Example full 1 year or 2 years .
I don’t mind to wait just that I need more transparency regarding TP eth staking vault .
Thank you

not so long,sir, these eth are staked in the node, you can check it on the chain, so your assets is safe, but the liquidity funds for first phase has been used up, and the second phase is being prepared. Please wait patiently for the specific announcement!

Sorry noob question here . If second phase roll out what does it mean to users who stake ? Mind to elaborate more details?

there will be third, fourth,and so on,so don’t worry about it

Thanks sir .
One more question . Normally how long does it take for every phase to be completed ? Roughly ?

please wait the announcement.

Ok thanks . Where should I wait for the announcement from tp ? Telegram ? Any link ?

note:don’t believe anyone who dm you first, they are all scammers

Alright sir . Thank you very much

Sorry to disturb you again . I’ve go through the telegram chat using search function . But I never found any announcement for the first phase eth staking vault for user to claim it ? Care to explain ? Thanks

there is no need to announce for the first phase.anyway, please wait patiently for the second phrase.

sorry, I’m keeping asking when I can release my funds from your ETH2.0 vault since Feb, I always got the answer that I should wait for 2nd funding ready, now it is June already, you are still preparing, may I know when you can ready? 1year or 2 years?