What is the PIN code?

The PIN code, which is used by the KeyPal hardware wallet to authenticate the user and is also the digital password used to secure the device.

In KeyPal, it has the following two features:

  1. 6-8 non-consecutive digits are used for setup

  2. If the device is entered with 9 consecutive errors, the device’s data will be zeroed out, which is used as a security mechanism to protect the user in case of accidental loss of the hardware wallet

PIN, also known as Personal Identification Number (PIN)

When creating or restoring a wallet for the first time, the user is required to confirm and back up their PIN number.

The PIN number is set using a physical keystroke and serves to

  1. prevent the device from being stolen by others who could easily access the user’s assets

  2. prevent the user from losing the device due to negligence and easily transferring assets.

Please remember to keep the PIN code in mind after setting it, as there is no way to reset or retrieve it if it is lost.

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