hi again! I’m an engineer at Solana, Labs.

Thanks for supporting SOL/spl-token. I think the integration is working properly after lightly testing TokenPocket at my side too (with iOS), including proper handling of seed-phrase recovery and ATA.

From doing this, I found several possible future improvements:

  1. sending 0 balance of spl-token is allowed (maybe your ui could validate the transfer amount?)
  2. displayed RAY (= Raydium) token balance in USD was $0 even if i have around ~1 RAY (= $9.5 USD)
  3. transfer history is missing while your ui clearly message this (other wallets support this by default; users might desire this still)
  4. displayed transaction fee in the confirmation message is always 0.000005 SOL, even for the case of creating receipt’s ATA account (which should cost 0.00203928 SOL as part of transaction fee on top of 0.000005 SOL).
  5. SOL summary page’s total supply is wrong
  6. (technical) deprecated transfer method is used (please use spl-token::transferCheck, instead of spl-token::transfer)

Hope sol/spl-token support will gradually improved over the time. Thanks!

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无法接入tulip dapp,我用的是android,1.3.5



冷钱包 要等下, 已经在排期中了