Problem with transactions that used "Energy rental"

Hello, I used a transfer with a fee paid in USDT. However, an error occurred during the execution of one of the smart contracts. This may have happened because the account balance became insufficient for the transfer due to an increase in the fee after clicking the “Confirm” button (when I clicked the button, the transaction cost 0.99 USDT, but after the transfer, it was 1.07 USDT). Is it possible to return this 1.07 USDT, at least partially, if the transaction was not completed?

Thank you in advance.

Didn’t you finish your interaction? What is your transaction hash? You can also consult the customer service on the energy leasing page.

No, I haven’t completed the interaction yet.
Here is the transaction hash:
Here is the hash of the failed transaction:

In the blockchain world, even if the transaction fails, the miners must validate and execute it, which takes computational power. so you have to pay for that computation, just like you would pay for a successful transaction.

Even failure is irreversible. I want to know what you are doing. You should not use the transfer function of the wallet asset page.

Thank you, of course, you are right. Yes, I cannot refund the transaction fee. However, I was wondering if I could get a refund for the USDT deposit (“energy rental” deposit), at least a part of it after deducting the transaction fees. Some of the planned transactions did not incur fees, so part of the deposit remains unused. However, this is not a significant issue and can be considered resolved. I just thought this might be a common problem that often needs addressing. But anyway, thank you!

I can’t get your meaning, and generally speaking, deduct as much as you use. hope this tutorial can help you.

Sorry for the confusion. The tutorial you sent was helpful. Thank you!