ibase-tron api in php guidance

i there ! i hope you are doing well mame/sir .
i am developing a website through which i want to send Tron(TRX) to my employees from my token pocket wallets to their wallet as per some criteria for this i found a php library i used it to transfer TRX bu using this library with codeigniter i succeeded the main problem i am facing now is the doubt whether it is secure to use this library or not because it runs directly in any browser but i just saw some videos of people using DAPP Browser in wallet where they put the link of there website and use it when i use these links in normal browser they dont work how can i make my app that i just develop in codeigniter to run in DAPP browser if it is secure. For reference i am attaching the link to the library i used in my project

Hi, We don’t know if the library you are using is safe or not, if you want to develop a site that can be integrated into TokenPocket’s dapp browser, you can use https://github.com/tronprotocol/tronweb. In our dapp browser we injected the tronweb object in window.