Transit swap limits

When integrating Transit aggregator we are faced with the issue of allowable limits for the transfer of tokens. Is there information somewhere on the limits for tokens transfer and are the limits for each currency, their own or not? What are the reasons for these limits? By limit I mean upper and lower limits for transaction. For example minimum token amount and also maximum token amount for transfers.

It is a ERC-20 common standard, Transit didn’t add extra limits. When you using any ERC20 Token to swap you have to approve the router address first.

I was speaking about lower and upper limits for token transferring

There is no transaction amount limit for aggregated transactions but there is an amount limit for cross-chain transactions. Restricted by cross-chain service provider limits but you can get the limit of the cross through this api:

In the link you shared “MinimumSwapFee”:“”,“MaximumSwapFee”:“”,“CrossPool”:“” are empty, is it okay?
And what about cross-token transactions? Are there any limits?

If you want to trade cross-token transactions, use that api to get the corresponding limits, “MinimumSwap” is the minimum amount and “MaximumSwap” is the maximum amount for one transaction.

This we understand but why these fields are empty?

These fields are not used for now and will be deprecated in the future.

And one more thing. We see that Transit is using and there are no limits at all. Is there a reason why there are limits on Transit?

There are limits, maybe they did not do the prompt.

But we can create transaction on Metapath with big amount. Ok, if there are limits can you share where do you take them from Metapath?

The question is still relevant.