Announcements of TPT DAO Vault in December

Announcement : Until December 2022, the LOGO section of TokenPocket wallet has received a total of 4,396,198.1465 TPT donations, which will transfer to BSC and HECO accounts of the TPT DAO vault. The use of DAO vault funds is determined by the TPT DAO, and subsequent proposal applications can be initiated.

Address of DAO vault on each chain:
ETH: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
BSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8(Previously)
BSC: 0x6A548ca7930a4Bf8da856A32424D2F54B65F6256(Multi-signature)
MATIC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
HECO: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
OEC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
HSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
PlatON: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
TRON: TMPKq4P49oKRqn4Apec7asSnz682Dj4Bip
EOS: tptdonation1