Announcement of TPT DAO

Hello, everyone. It’s so sorry to tell you the bad news. Transit Swap was attacked by hackers at 02:33(UTC+8) on October 2, 2022. This attack caused a total loss of funds worth 28.9 million USDT. Up to now, white hats have returned funds worth 24 million USDT, and funds worth 4.9 million USDT remained unreturned.

Affected by this event, Transit Swap will bear the loss of 4.9 million USDT for users. TPT DAO and Transit Swap are closely related. To help Transit Swap tide over the difficulties, TPT DAO has decided to:

  1. Return the 700,000 USDT that Transit Swap injected into the TPT DAO Vault a few months ago to Transit Swap Official.
  2. In the short term, the TPT DAO Vault will suspend the injection of 25% of Transit Swap’s monthly income, and restart it until the Transit Swap refund is completed.

Sincerely hope that the TPT DAO community can understand.