TPT DAO Announcement: TPT DAO will provide users with TPT manual cross-chain services

TPT DAO Announcement:
At present, the depth of TPT trading on the BNB chain is the best. At the request of users, TPT DAO will provide users with TPT manual cross-chain services. Users who need to transfer TPT from ETH, OKC, and HECO chain to the BNB chain can transfer their TPT tokens to the unique designated address: 0xd6755E6Ac74dB436370e8a70f04195F8d6Dd6852 (ETH, OKC, HECO chain are the same address) before 12:00:00 on August 08, 2022, Singapore time. TPT DAO will transfer the corresponding amount of TPT to the account address of the user’s BNB chain according to the original address before August 10 to complete the cross-chain process. Expired will not be accepted.

1.The unique receiving address of TPT: 0xd6755E6Ac74dB436370e8a70f04195F8d6Dd6852
2.The quantity threshold:100,000 TPT+
3.Do not deposit TPT to HOO Exchange, and do not buy TPT in HOO Exchange

鉴于目前BSC链TPT交易深度最好,应用户的要求,TPT DAO将为用户提供TPT人工跨链的服务。现需要将ETH、HECO、OKC链TPT跨到BSC链的用户,可在新加坡时间2022年08月08日12:00:00前,将TPT转到唯一指定地址:0xd6755E6Ac74dB436370e8a70f04195F8d6Dd6852(ETH、HECO、OKC链均是该地址),TPT DAO将于08月10日前按照原地址将对应数量的TPT转到用户BSC链的账户地址,并完成跨链。过期不予受理。


  1. TPT唯一接收地址:0xd6755E6Ac74dB436370e8a70f04195F8d6Dd6852
  2. 跨链门槛:10万TPT起
  3. 请勿将TPT充值到HOO交易所,也不要在HOO交易所中购买TPT