Discussion on the proposal that a certain amount of TPT donation is required to support DApp

I Introduction

Proposal No: TIP00X

Topic: a certain amount of TPT donation is required to support DApp

Proposer: chitu

Related Proposal: none

Alternative Proposal: none

II Abstract

At present, there is no need to donate TPT to support DApp . Considering the traffic and brand value of TP, I suggest that a certain amount of TPT donation is required.

III Purposes

Increase TPTDAO revenue

Raise the threshold appropriately and filter the projects with low quality

IV. Propose Text

  1. Content and Steps

vote to get a threshold for the number of TPTS to be donated

update the required amount of donated TPT to the tutorial submitted to DApp


After the vote is passed, the team will update the tutorial within 2 days and announce the new donation required to submit DAPP. The required date for submitting DAPP is mm / DD / yyyy. After this date, the team will start to implement according to the new threshold

3.The benefits brought by the implementation of the propose

3.1 Increase TP wallet influence

3.2 increase tptdao revenue

3.3 filter low-quality projects

4.Potential risks for the proposal


5.What resources and assistance may be required?


6.Who is in charge of promotion?

Forum administrator

DApp audit team

7.Voting options

A. Donate 50,000 TPT
B. Donate 100,000 TPT
C. Donate 200,000 TPT
D. Donate 400,000 TPT