Announcement on TokenPocket Volunteers Recruitment

The scale of TokenPocket’s user base is getting larger with the growth of TokenPocket’s business. Based on the rapid growth of the number of users, TokenPocket decides to hire more volunteers to manage the different language communities.

Job descriptions:

  1. Answer the user’s questions in the Telegram group

  2. Spread TokenPocket’s activity information

  3. Be able to make wallet tutorials(post, text-image, or video) and spread to SMN.

  4. Translate relevant announcement/information

  5. Make suggestions about improvement

  6. Complete other tasks

Job requirements:

  1. Fluent English language, native speakers of Russian, Portuguese, Hindi are preferred.

  2. Familiar with blockchain and crypto wallet

  3. Know the functions of TokenPocket and how to use TokenPocket

  4. Having experience in Telegram community management before is preferred

  5. Can quickly reply to users’ questions in the Telegram group

What can we provide?
We can provide generous monthly salaries and more chances to communicate with core workers of TokenPocket.

How to apply?
Send emails to:

Note: Please write your personal detailed introduction in the email including but not limit to the experience in telegram community management, promotion channels, etc.

Looking forward to your joining!



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could you speak English?

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