iOS new version will adjust some services

:triangular_flag_on_post:In order to comply with the App Store review guidelines, TokenPocket has announced that it will release a new version on the App Store soon, which will remove the DApp list of the ‘Discovery’ page, but keep DApp browser and its historical data, and users still can search and favorite DApps. This process has no affections to your asset’s safety
为顺应App Store审核规范,TokenPocket宣布将发布App Store新版本,该版本将移除“发现”页面的DApp数据板块,“发现”页面仍继续保留DApp浏览器历史数据,用户仍可通过DApp浏览器使用、收藏DApp,此过程对用户的资产安全没有任何影响。