It’s time to mint the Meelon!

Transit NFT — — Meelon will be officially released at 10:00 AM, December 20, 2021(UTC), and we will conduct a whitelist participation mechanism. Users who have been whitelisted can mint through the entrance of Transit’s official website on December 20, 2021(UTC).

Who can mint the Meelon?

1. Completed the corresponding tasks on Twitter.


Rules: Completed before Dec 20 and left your ETH wallet address. (Removed Duplicates.)

2. Participated in the whitelist of the following projects.

Rules: FCFS

Allocations:3,000 mint chances

3. Trading in Transit Swap .

Allocations:1,500 mint chances

Rules: Users who made any swap on the ETH of Transit swap before Dec 20, 2021, will get a chance to mint.

4. Fill in your ETH wallet address on the form of the email before Dec 20, 2021. (Removed Duplicates.)

5. Users who participated in the KeyPal questionnaire survey and registered their ETH wallet address in the questionnaire survey will have a chance to mint. (Removed Duplicates.)

6. Participated in the NFTGO AMA event and Twitter event, left your ETH wallet address on the form before Dec 20, 2021.


7. Participated in the NFTSCAN Twitter event and in the list of winners.


How can I check if I am on the whitelist of the Meelon?

Transit NFT — Meelon will be officially released on 10:00 AM December 20, 2021.

At that time, you can check the chances for minting through the entrance of the official website ( ) and enter your ETH wallet address. (Whitelisted address)

And you can also check how many mint chances you have. (No more than 7)

Where can I mint the Meelon?

  1. The official website of Transit NFT: Meelons - Transit NFT
  2. The NFT Drops on NFTGO:


  1. One participation for one mint chance. The duplicates will be removed.
  2. First-Come-First-Serve.
  3. The 10,000 unique NFT Meelon avatars are free to be minted by wallets that participated in the TPT DAO, TPT Donation, ConstitutionDAO, CityDAO, Eth2.0 Staking Vaults, Twitter events, and KeyPal users. The mint event will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. All rights reserved to TransitFinance.