TIP-000003 Has Approved! TPT DAO Vault Launched Incentive Plan to Help the TP Man Globally Expanse

What it’s all about?

“TP Man” is a cool title for all global TokenPocket community contributors. Due to the rapid growth of TokenPocket user base, and the influence of TokenPocket brand, “TP Man” become one of the most important parts of TokenPocket ecosystem, to help the community carrying such amount of users from community building, customer support, content creation, business development, translations, etc.

For a long time, TP man was gathered with a group of professional content creators, community moderators, translators, event organizers. And they are moving forward with the vision of “being the portal of blockchain”, and aiming to be one of the best professional and influential organizations.

“$TPT Dao Vault” is built upon TokenPocket Foundation. It aims to subsidize the TokenPocket ecosystem development. The use of each fund will be fully discussed and publicized in TokenPocket Forum, and the TokenPocket Foundation will initiate a proposal, which will be implemented after voting by all $TPT holders.

The main sources of funds for $TPT DAO vault are as follows:

  1. Transit.finance: 25% of Transit Swap service fees income are injected into DAO vault
  2. 100% of donations received by Transit.finance are injected into DAO vault
  3. The fee for uploading new token logo is 100% injected into the DAO vault
  4. $TPT held by TokenPocket Foundation will inject into the DAO vault selectively
  5. TokenPocket Foundation will actively explore more funding sources for the DAO vault

What are we gonna do?

We find that using an operational mode in a central way to govern them, will limit the potential of TP man. (And community launched the proposal: Snapshot and get approved by the community) that is why we decide, open the $TPT DAO Vault to everyone who makes contributions to the community, please see details below

Every month we will disclose the details of TPT DAO Vault, and the amount used for TP Man DAO. Addresses of DAO vault on each network is open and transparent to every one: About Proposals | 提案 - Fans Forum by TokenPocket

ETH: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

BSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

MATIC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

HECO: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

OEC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

HSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

TRON: TMPKq4P49oKRqn4Apec7asSnz682Dj4Bip

EOS: tptdonation1

Who Can Apply to Join TP Man DAO to Share the Incentive from TPT DAO Vault?

E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Yes, everyone. From normal TokenPocket community users to over 1M followers’ KOLs, we would like to invite you to become part of this mission. As long you were using TokenPocket and have high market sensitivity, start creating educational posts or TokenPocket wallet tutorials, no need to apply to be a TP Man first, contribute your content here (Proof of Contribution) monthly after reading the below requirement:

Make sure you join our discord and Telegram. TP Man now consists of three different branches: Tutorial Labs, Community Moderator, and Influencer. And each branch has its own requirements, weight, and responsibilities.

TP Man: Tutorial Labs Weight: 5/10 Task: Create Tutorial/promotional content and spread it on social media


  1. Detect trending games, DeFi protocols, NFTs, tokens, or DApps on the market which you can use TokenPocket to participate, and create tutorials.
  2. Readable and correct English, content should be related to TokenPocket.
  3. Post must be put up to at least 1 social/news outlet.
  4. Post account must be set visible to the public.
  5. Post must contain hashtags or keywords concerned with #TokenPocket to get better disclosure and SEO.
  6. Post must tag TokenPocket official: https://linktr.ee/TokenPocket if the post destinations are the same as the official one, of course, we must give you a like :slight_smile:
  7. All content should be original, no copy, be innovative and honest.
  8. TokenPocket Foundation keeps the right of final explanation.

Note: High-quality posts with good engagement will be retweeted and forwarded to TokenPocket official docs and channels, which means, all TokenPocket users should be your accounts’ audience :slight_smile:

Below are samples to participate in TP Man and the content is eligible to claim the TP Man DAO bonus:

  1. https://twitter.com/Everstake_Masha/status/1466726140412940291?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/Melo1997_/status/1467706598705352707?s=20

TP Man: Community Moderator Weight: 2/10 Task: Moderate the community, customer service.


  1. Keep community always: informative, productive and provide a safe and welcoming place for the community to come together.
  2. Join the TokenPocket communities: TokenPocket | Linktree
  3. Report the issue that you don’t know how to solve solely at: TokenPocket (“contributor-tpman)in time.
  4. TokenPocket Foundation keeps the right of final explanation.

TP Man: Influencer Weight: 3/10 Task:


Meet all requirements of “Tutorial Labs” plus the following ones

  1. YouTuber: Creator who has created +5 videos
  2. Blogger: Writer who has written +5 articles
  3. Social: Media manager with +100 followers
  4. Chat Admin: Admin with +100 users (Will request verification of ownership)
  5. Meme Account: Must have +50 Followers
  6. ※ Spammy/low-quality accounts will be disqualified

Note: High-quality posts with good engagement will get shouted out TokenPocket official docs and channels, which means, all TokenPocket users should be your accounts’ audience :slight_smile:

[TIP-000003 已通过!TPT DAO Vault启动激励计划,帮助TP Man全球扩张] 这到底是怎么回事?

“TP 人” 是所有全球 TokenPocket 社区贡献者的一个很酷的头衔。由于TokenPocket用户群的快速增长,以及TokenPocket品牌的影响力,“TP Man”成为TokenPocket生态系统中最重要的组成部分之一,从社区建设、客户支持、内容创作等方面帮助社区承载如此多的用户、业务拓展、翻译等。


“$TPT Dao Vault” 建立在 TokenPocket 基金会之上。它旨在补贴 TokenPocket 生态系统的发展。每个基金的使用将在TokenPocket 论坛充分讨论和公示,TokenPocket基金会将发起提案,由所有 $TPT 持有者投票后实施。

$TPT DAO 金库的主要资金来源如下:

  1. Transit.finance:Transit Swap 服务费收入的 25% 注入 DAO 金库
  2. Transit.finance 收到的捐款 100% 注入 DAO 金库
  3. 上传新令牌标志的费用是 100% 注入 DAO 金库
  4. TokenPocket 基金会持有的 $TPT 将有选择地注入 DAO 金库
  5. TokenPocket 基金会将积极为 DAO 金库探索更多资金来源


我们发现以集中方式使用操作模式来管理它们,将限制 TP 人的潜力。(并且社区发起了提案:快照并得到社区的批准)这就是为什么我们决定向所有对社区做出贡献的人开放 $TPT DAO Vault,请参阅下面的详细信息

每个月我们都会公开TPT DAO Vault的详细信息,以及TP Man DAO的使用金额。每个网络上 DAO 保险库的地址对每个人都是公开透明的:关于提案 | 提案 - TokenPocket 的粉丝论坛









谁可以申请加入TP Man DAO,分享TPT DAO Vault的奖励?

每个人。是的,大家。从普通的 TokenPocket 社区用户到超过 100 万粉丝的 KOL,我们诚邀您成为这一使命的一份子。只要你在使用TokenPocket并且有很高的市场敏感度,开始创建教育帖子或TokenPocket钱包教程,无需先申请成为TP Man,阅读以下要求后,每月在此处贡献您的内容(贡献证明):

确保你加入我们的不和谐电报。TP Man 现在由三个不同的分支组成:教程实验室、社区版主和影响者。每个分支都有自己的要求、权重和职责。

TP Man:教程实验室权 重:5/10 任务:创建教程/宣传内容并在社交媒体上传播


  1. 检测市场上可以使用TokenPocket参与的热门游戏、DeFi协议、NFT、代币或DApp,并创建教程。
  2. 英文可读且正确,内容应与TokenPocket相关。
  3. 帖子必须至少发布到 1 个社交/新闻媒体。
  4. 邮政帐户必须设置为公众可见。
  5. 帖子必须包含与#TokenPocket相关的主题标签或关键字,以获得更好的披露和 SEO。
  6. 发帖一定要标记TokenPocket官方:https ://linktr.ee/TokenPocket如果发帖目的地和官方一样,当然要给你点赞:slight_smile:
  7. 所有内容应为原创,不得复制,具有创新性和诚实性。
  8. TokenPocket 基金会保留最终解释权。

注意:参与度高的高质量帖子将被转发并转发到 TokenPocket 官方文档和渠道,这意味着所有 TokenPocket 用户都应该是您帐户的受众 :slight_smile:

以下是参与TP Man的样本,内容有资格领取TP Man DAO奖金:

  1. https://twitter.com/Everstake_Masha/status/1466726140412940291?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/Melo1997_/status/1467706598705352707?s=20

TP人:社区版主权 重:2/10 任务 :社区版主 ,客服。


  1. 始终保持社区:信息丰富、富有成效,并为社区聚集在一起提供一个安全和热情的地方。
  2. 加入 TokenPocket 社区:TokenPocket | 链接树
  3. 不知道如何单独解决的问题及时报告到:TokenPocket(“contributor-tpman)。
  4. TokenPocket 基金会保留最终解释权。

TP 人:影响者权 重:3/10 任务:



  1. YouTuber:创建了 +5 个视频的创作者
  2. 博主:写过+5篇文章的作家
  3. 社交:拥有 +100 名粉丝的媒体经理
  4. 聊天管理员:拥有 +100 个用户的管理员(将要求验证所有权)
  5. Meme 帐户:必须有 +50 粉丝
  6. ※垃圾/低质量帐户将被取消资格

注意:参与度高的高质量帖子会在 TokenPocket 官方文档和频道中大喊大叫,这意味着所有 TokenPocket 用户都应该是您帐户的受众 :slight_smile: