.dfox extension Use Guide

dfox is an extension to connect the blockchain world to experience DApps, DeFis, GameFis, and crypto assets easily just in your Chrome browser.

【How to add dfox to the extension installation?】
There are two ways to add dfox to your extension installation.

First, GET IT ON Chrome.

  1. Click [Get it on Chrome];

  2. Click [Add to Chrome];

  3. Click [Add extension];

  4. After adding dfox to the extended function in chrome browser, click [Get Started];

Second, download to desktop.

  1. Click [Download to desktop];

  2. Unzip the dfox installation package as a folder.

  3. Open the chrome browser, click [Settings]-[Extensio
    ns]-open the [Developer mode]-[Load the unpacked], and then load the dfox folder;

【How to import/create a wallet in dfox?】

  1. After adding dfox to the extended installation in chrome browser, click [Get Started];
  2. If you have a wallet, please click [Import Wallet];

    According to the tips enter your Secret Recovery Phrase and password, in order to ensure that the secret recovery phrase is entered correctly, we recommend you to click [Show Secret Recovery Phrase] and make sure you have entered a space between each phrase. After completing the operation of entering the Secret Recovery Phrase and password, please click the button in front of [ I have read and agreed to the 《Terms of Use》], and then click [Import] to complete the wallet import operation.

    Safe Tips
    • Save a backup in multiple places.
    • Never share the phrase with anyone.
    • Be careful of phishing! dfox will never spontaneously ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase.
    • If you need to back up your Secret Recovery Phrase again, you can find it in Settings → Security.
    • dfox cannot recover your Secret Recovery Phrase.
  3. If you don’t have a wallet before, click [Create wallet];

    Enter your new password, click[Create];

    After ensuring that you understand the security points of the wallet, click [Next];

    Click [CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS], and back up the secret recovery phrase, click [Create], enter the recovery phrase correctly, and then click [Confirm]; At this point, you have successfully created a new wallet account.

【How to connect with dfox?】

  1. choose your wallet you need to connect, and then click [Confirm], when the green light is on, it means that the site has been successfully connected with dfox.
  2. You can set dfox as the default wallet in [Setting]-[Default Wallet], click the button on the right.
  3. When you need to stop/cancel the connection between dfox and the site, click [Connected sites], and then click the “cancel” button.

    Enjoy your dfox journey!!




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